01. Visual Art Classes

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Encore Arts has a new cohesive and explorative Fine Arts Program. We will give students the freedom they need to create art that is meaningful to them, while
teaching them fundamental skills to be successful in their work. The best part parents- NO registration fees and NO supply fees. It is all rolled into one price,
cause it’s just easier that way!
We have designed our courses to have 7 sessions or less. This gives students ample time to explore different aspects art education and exploration, but does not require a long term commitment. There is of course the option for students to continue a particular course with more challenge once their initial 5-7 session course has finished. It is most beneficial for students to start courses on their first class start date. If a student cannot attend a class, they have the opportunity to attend an Open Studio session(their choice of date as long space is available)to replace the missed class. This will be free of charge.

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