Volunteer at KVPAC!

Join the fun at KVPAC!  Discover different ways you can volunteer at KVPAC.

We appreciate our volunteers and can match a talent or an interest to a task. 

Volunteers must be at least 15 years old and hours can count for NHS, NCL, school clubs, Boy Scout and Girl Scout service requirements.

Adult volunteers working directly with children must pass a background check before entering program.

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Where do your interests lie?

[koo-accordion][koo-accordion-content title=”Visual Arts Program”]

Art Angel Paired with a special needs student in class to help student stay on task & focus.

Organize supplies

Art project prep – on site or takes work basket home

[/koo-accordion-content] [koo-accordion-content title=”Performing Arts Program”]

Theatre concessions

Production support

Make-up/Hair   Costume/seamstress
Props              Set Construction
Set up             Strike

[/koo-accordion-content][koo-accordion-content title=”PreSchool Program”]

Classroom assistant.

[/koo-accordion-content][koo-accordion-content title=”Outreach Program”]

 Eagle or Gold Award Projects

 Facility Improvement

Special Needs

[/koo-accordion-content][koo-accordion-content title=”Marketing Department”]

Material distribution for shows and events (posters/ flyers/ coupons)

[/koo-accordion-content] [/koo-accordion]


[koo-button url=”https://www.kvpac.org/about-us/volunteering/young-artists-learning-leadership/” style=”blue” size=”small” type=”square” target=”-self”] Summer Student Volunteers [/koo-button]

[koo-button url=”https://www.kvpac.org/about-us/volunteering/student-volunteers/” style=”blue” size=”small” type=”square” target=”-self”] School Year Volunteers [/koo-button]

[koo-button url=”https://www.kvpac.org/about-us/volunteering/scout-projects/” style=”blue” size=”small” type=”square” target=”-self”] Scout Projects [/koo-button]

Thank you supporting the Arts in Katy!

Already an active volunteer? Click on the button bellow to enter your volunteer hours with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award program.

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KVPAC benefits from recorded volunteer hours as they help us qualify for various grants.

Thank you for your time and dedication!

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