Encore Players Auditions

AUDITIONS NOVEMBER 20 AND 21 AT 7PM for Speaking of Murder

Performances will be January 19th -21st. Auditions will be cold readings from the script. Call 281-829-2787 to schedule your preferred day!

Speaking of Murder Synopsis:

When Charles Ashton brings home his second wife, he fails to notice the hate and jealousy in his secretary’s eyes. He is unaware of the dangers that threaten his wife as his secretary turns the full force of her malice upon her. The shocking truth is that she killed the first wife and intends to lock the new wife in a library vault where she will suffocate within two hours. A delightful old biddy who holds the solution in her hand and who might save the wife does not, unhappily, remain alive either. The key is lent to the young stepson. Will the vault be opened in time?

Cast of Characters: 3 men, 5 women

RICKY ASHTON-8-12 Charles son from his first marriage

JANIE ASHTON-8-12 Charles daughter from his first marriage

CONNIE BARNES ASHTON-25-35. Glamorous movie star. The new second wife to Charles and step mother to the children. She has just recently moved to join the household.

CHARLES ASHTON- Male, 40-55. Handsome leading man but a terrible clueless husband and father. He cheated on his now dead first wife with his secretary and has just remarried much to Annabelle’s chagrin.

ANNABELLE LOGAN-Female, 20-45. The secretary-female, very attractive 25-40 she helps run the household. She is in love with Charles and had an affair with him during the first marriage, she murdered his first wife

MRS. WALWORTH-elderly neighbor, likes her gin and tonic, blackmails Annabelle until she the victim of a deadly hit and run


DET. AL MITCHELL-Male, 20-50. The police detective

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