Occupancy Status April Update


Breathing a sigh of relief now that you’ve finished and filed your taxes?  Did you get a refund this year?  KVPAC Staff and Contractors are still working to get the Occupancy permit for the new location, while planning for a huge summer and locating community partners to host Spring shows at a reasonable rental cost rate.  It continues to be a challenging time, and if you need a laugh ask Tiffani, Kari, Kassandra,  Lori, Tish (Board President) and JoAnn (Board Secretary) about how they have been working in the fields cleaning up the property, digging dirt to install a walkway, and unpacking and organizing!
Things we have learned about each other:  Tiffani has a fear of spiders and snakes and will make a rapid exit stage left, Kari doesn’t like spiders and while sitting on the roof of the house figured out she just may have a fear of heights,  Kassandra is joyful while doing whatever is needed,  JoAnn and Tish can unpack a box and put stuff away in the blink of an eye, and Lori is fearless.  This crew has  done everything to save Encore Arts money from tearing out walls, showers, sinks, fixing walls, picking up trash and moving dirt and pavers.  We didn’t allow them to tackle electrical repairs and hired experts: Craven Electric who gave us a great deal and payment plan and installation of the circle driveway (even though they really wanted to drive the dozer).  We appreciate the volunteers who showed up on workdays to lend a hand.
Encore Arts appreciates the flexibility of our parents in driving students wherever they need to be,  theatre students in adapting to changing rehearsal locations from churches to the patio of the Sweet Tooth Shoppe and a variety of performance venues and our art students learning to draw and paint in nature, flicking a bug or leaf off their art and continuing!  A huge thank you to the Sweet Tooth Shoppe for allowing us continued use their back patio for free even when they are closed, make sure you shop there for delicious chocolate and ice cream!
We are currently waiting on the Fort Bend County Fire Marshal (281-238-1500) to approve the plans and do a site visit, then the City of Fulshear should issue the occupancy permit and turn on water (at this time we have addressed all of the issues identified and other than the fire marshal certificate have not been informed of outstanding requirements for the city).  We call the Fire Marshal daily to let him know we are anxious to move forward, April 28 they will have had our application for one month.  If you have any questions please feel free to call the office for an update, or call the fire marshal and let them know you are ready for our doors to open.
If you were fortunate enough to receive a refund, we invite you to spend a little of it on yourself and make yourself feel great!  We’d also like you to consider making a tax-deductible donation to our nonprofit organization that directly assists YOU by providing art and theatre in our new community of Fulshear (GIVE)!
Many Thanks for you Time and Continued Support!
Gregory Magyar
Executive Artistic  Director


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